Growth Marketer B2B


The job

As a Growth Marketer B2B, you will be responsible for the design and implementation of growth programs and manage the ABM strategy (account based marketing), including but not limited to the design and execution of
highly targeted marketing campaigns that drive adoption, usage, and monetization of digital products or services that we design for our clients.

You must have an understanding of B2B marketing and commercial strategies.

This is a cross-functional role that works closely with our marketing, sales, content, product management, technology and design teams, as well as our customers, to build capabilities that enable accelerated growth.


    Within your role you will have to execute multiple tasks, such as:
    Commercial development

    • Generate assessments for clients to discover growth opportunities;
    • Lead maturity assessments and develop roadmaps to help clients set and achieve their marketing and growth goals
    • Package solutions and processes to maximize the know-how of the team;
    • Develop and/or assist in business proposals
    • Identify trends and developments in the industries in which they work to keep the offer updated.

    Project Execution:

    • Plan marketing actions by analyzing KPI's;
    • Lead account-based marketing projects (ABM);
    • Aligning content, social and video teams to ABM strategy, ensuring personalization and relevance of assets deployed across channels like Website, LinkedIn, YouTube, among others;
    • Plan and execute initiatives to reach the target audience across channels;
    • Analysis of data and user comments to ensure an improvement in the conversion of traffic to the website, social networks or others;
    • Development of ideas for marketing campaigns. Testing of ideas and products;
    • Prioritize and optimize growth channels to improve business performance;
    • Collaborate closely with the commercial or sales department on AARRR models;
    • Analyze online consumer behavior and generate incremental improvements;
    • Position social networks as the main tool for growth;
    • Work with marketing, integration and data platforms to design new customer experience strategies and solutions for customers;
    • Ensure the overall success of marketing technology implementations, focusing on customer relationship, financials, project execution, resource management, and overall program health;
    • Manage the delivery of projects, advising clients on the optimal ways of working with digital channels;
    • Design and build multichannel digital and offline marketing campaigns for engagement purposes (strategy and planning);
    • Support the client to be more effective and efficient in growth management and to better understand the client through the use of data and/or qualitative analysis;
    • Select and implement analytical tools/data sources of interest to clients and provide actionable insights based on available analytical data.

    Profile Requirements
    • Love teamwork and contribute with your interests to the internal culture of Raven.
    • Very good analysis skills, problem solving and attention to detail.
    • Be proactive and self-managed. We hate micromanagement.
    • Dare with crazy ideas.
    • Good interpersonal skills and ability to communicate effectively with all stakeholders and disciplines.
    • Flexibility to adapt to customer needs, to different industries and types of projects.
    • Be able to travel to other countries in case our projects need it.
      Skills / Experience
      • 4-6 years of experience in a digital marketing role, preferably in a consultancy or agency with regional exposure;
      • Strong experience in B2B or ABM marketing strategy
      • Customer Management (C-level);
      • Experience in marketing automation platforms, marketing cloud, CRM, advertising platforms, data modeling;
      • Excellent communication skills business skills;
      • Experience in Retail Media, Media Planning Selling or Buying, Retail or CPG (consumer product goods) are a plus

        Working days

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        2 years


        Semi senior

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