We are raven

We are mavericks, we are your wingman for disruption

Your ally to disrupt and accelerate businesses. Here come those who lead changethrough design, we are a daring team of diferent expertises from around the world passionate about creating and turning disruptive business ideas into reality. We design to build the business models that the modern world needs.

We are the wingman of leading organizations in their path to disruption.

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Navigating through this new context requires a new organization DNA, leveraging by experience, design, tech and data


Create solutions and experiences with clients, leveraging the ecosystem

Experience, Design


Execute business opportunities to capture value and create impact

Agile, Scrum


Use data to anticipate change, designing dynamic future scenarios

Data, Growth


Display flexibility and agility in the organization. Embrace new methodologies.


Talent beyond borders

Alison Marnell

Experience & Product Designer | Business design

Omer Paz

UX/UI Designer | Product & Experience Design

Marcos Rosales

Lead Growth Hacker | Growth & Analytics

Carlos Torres Guíñez

Front End Developer | Tech & Operations

Dominga Auad

People & Culture Consultant | Raven Wings

Ilanit Hirnheimer

Experience & Product Design Lead | Business design

Camila Perez Rubino

Product & Experience Design

Felipe Guíñez

Data Scientist Consultant | Growth & Analytics

Alan Ramirez

QA Tester | Tech & Operations

Florencia Alcalde

People & Culture Lead | Raven Wings

Tomás Acevedo

Product Strategist | Business design

Andrea Montes

UX/UI Designer | Product & Experience Design

Antonia Azcona

Customer Success Consultant | Growth & Analytics

Cristian Inda

QA Lead | Tech & Operations

Marcela Moya

Chief Finance Officer | Raven Wings

Maria Jesus Domeyko

Business & Design Consultant | Business design

Juan Ignacio Rosauer

UX/UI Designer | Product & Experience Design

Jesus Agreda

UX/UI Consultant | Growth & Analytics

Evelyn Silva

QA Tester | Tech & Operations

Antonia Cancino

Content & Media Lead | Raven Wings

Tania Guiloff

UX/UI Designer | Business design

Sebastián Horta

Lead Product Owner | Product & Experience Design

Sebastian Nazal

Digital Marketing Expert  | Growth & Analytics

Sergio Yazyi

Tech Expert | Tech & Operations

Margarita More

Executive Assistant | Raven Wings

Karla Vargas

Experience & Product Designer | Business design

Oscar Trias

Product Owner | Product & Experience Design

Pia Figueroa

Head of Content & Marketing | Growth & Analytics

Rafael Velasquez

QA Tester | Tech & Operations

María Paz Villalobos

Digital Ops | Raven Wings

Javiera Ventura

Product Strategist | Business design

Jordi Delgado

Product Manager | Product & Experience Design

Gabriela Parra

Productor Digital | Growth & Analytics

Gustavo Rodríguez

Systems Architect | Tech & Operations

Javier Camblor

Project Manager | Business design

Jeniffer Camacho

UX/UI Designer | Product & Experience Design

Adrian Ramirez

Growth Lead Senior | Growth & Analytics

Alfonso Cabas

Business Development & Growth Director | Raven Wings

Maximiliano Arévalo

Product Strategist | Business design

Viviana Badilla

UX/UI Designer | Product & Experience Design

Paulina Carrillo

Community Manager | Growth & Analytics

Daniel Prieto

Business Development & Growth Director / VP | Raven Wings

Geovanny Romero

Scrum Master | Product & Experience Design

Daniela Gomez

Customer & Marketing Analytics Lead | Growth & Analytics

Wai Fung

Product & Design Director | Product & Experience Design

Nicolás Florez

Brand Manager | Growth & Analytics

Ricardo Paredes

Motion Designer | Growth & Analytics

Sebastián Rincón

Periodista / Content Specialist | Growth & Analytics

The hub

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Chile design awards
Design of services and experience

The award

Chile Design Awards” is the main recognition of the design industry in Chile. This prize is given to the best projects in the field in the country.

The objective

Their objective is to promote design through the visibility of its impact and relevance at a social, cultural and economic level.

Our project

We participated in the professional category with our Invex DAP project, for accelerating credit card sales. With 83% sales growth in three months, we took first place in the category.

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