We are raven

We are mavericks, we are your wingman for disruption

Your ally to disrupt and accelerate businesses. Here come those who lead changethrough design, we are a daring team of diferent expertises from around the world passionate about creating and turning disruptive business ideas into reality. We design to build the business models that the modern world needs.

We are the wingman of leading organizations in their path to disruption.

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How we do it

Design to build throughout four areas of expertise

· We design and conceive new value propositions based on customer insights, market opportunities and business needs.

· We combine deep understanding of customers, products & services with technology enablers to craft singular experiences.

· We craft engaging products and experiences focus on key value generators to disrupt markets.

· We build product execution capabilities to create agile design and collaborative organizations focus on  delivering maximum value to users based on data and insights.

· We develop inception strategies that harness data and leverage market opportunities to drive sales.

· We use data to create actionable insights to drive digital experiences.

· We create datamarts and AI-enabled capabilities to deploy next generation actions.

· We conceive Northstar IT strategies that enable transformation & disruption.

· We devise client centered technological architectures.

· We develop processes that encompass agility with devops under an agile / scrum delivery round.

· We drive quality and security across SW / HW.

Navigating through this new context requires a new organization DNA, leveraging by experience, design, tech and data


Create solutions and experiences with clients, leveraging the ecosystem

Experience, Design


Execute business opportunities to capture value and create impact

Agile, Scrum


Use data to anticipate change, designing dynamic future scenarios

Data, Growth


Display flexibility and agility in the organization. Embrace new methodologies.


Talent beyond borders

Alison Marnell

Product Owner

Adrian Ramirez

Growth Lead Senior

Daniela Gomez

Customer & Marketing Analytics Lead

Dominga Auad

People & Culture Consultant

Diego Cordero

Business Design Consultant

Carlos San Vicente

Delivery Manager

Alexis Carmona

UX/UI Designer

Claudia Montoya

Business Development Executive

Adán Gutiérrez

Desarrollador Android Sr

Deborath Delgado

Social Media Manager

Antonia Jodorkovsky

Business Design Trainee

Angélica Mejía

Product Owner

Esteban Indiveri

Senior Front End Developer

Florencia Alcalde

People & Culture Manager

Ilanit Hirnheimer

Experience & Product Design Lead

Felipe Guíñez

Data Scientist Consultant

Camila Perez Rubino

UI Lead Designer

Inge Yang

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Ian Memije

iOS Developer Jr.

Francisca Henriquez

Business Design Trainee

Natalia Cáceres

Design Lead

Sebastián Horta

Lead Product Owner

Sergio Yazyi

Tech Expert

Sebastián Segreste

Experience & Product Designer

Stephanie Cabrera

Community Manager

Juan Ignacio Rosauer

UX/UI Designer

Tomás Soto

Data Scientist Consultant

Gustavo Rodríguez

Systems Architect

Gabriel Donoso

Motion Designer

Javiera Ventura

Business Design Consultant

Sebastián Vergara

UX/UI Designer

Paulina Carrillo

Community Manager

Joaquín Miguens

Senior Front End Developer

Margarita More

Executive Assistant

Tomás Acevedo

Business & Design Consultant

Viviana Badilla

UX/UI Designer

Jesus Agreda

CX Lead

Luz Adriana Correa

Agile Coach

Pablo Ángeles

Senior Android Developer

Jennifer Alonso

People Ops

Karla Vargas

Experience & Product Design Lead

Daniel Acuña

Motion Designer

Cristian Contreras

Senior Android Developer

Francisco García

Desarrollador iOS

Maximiliano Arévalo

Business Design Consultant

Alejandro López Arroyo

Desarrollador iOs

Evelyn Silva

QA Tester

Itzayana Pérez

Data Scientist Consultant

Geovanny Romero

Scrum Master

Exequiel Martínez

Evelin Gutierrez

Senior iOS Developer

Gabriela Parra

Productor Digital

Eduardo González

Content Lead

Jonathan Vasquez

Android Front End Developer

Fernanda Sales

Growth Marketer

Jorge Santander

Motion Designer

Gustavo Jimenez

Senior Android Developer

Nahir Garvizo

Digital Designer

Omar Valencia

Front Ent Developer Jr

Orel Carrasco

Motion Designer

Rafael Velasquez

QA Tester

Pia Figueroa

Head of Content & Marketing

Alan Ramirez

QA Tester

Antonio Rico

Arquitecto Mobile

Armando Carrillo

iOS Developer

Carlos Arteaga

Desarrollador Android Sr.

Sebastián Rincón

Periodista / Content Specialist

Carlos Torres

Lead Android Developer

Cristian Inda

QA Lead

Eduardo Martínez

Android Developer Jr.

Jerson López

Full Stack Developer

Jonny Berrio

Backend Developer

Jorge Campos

Lead Android Developer

José Luis Blee

QA Tester

Luis Domínguez

Desarrollador Android

Rodolfo Camacho

Desarrollador iOS Middle

Vicente Vidal

Tech Project Consultant

The hub

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Raven Awards

Chile Design Awards, design of services and experience

"Chile Design Awards" stands as the foremost accolade within the Chilean design industry, acknowledging and honoring outstanding projects in the field across the country.

This prestigious award not only recognizes excellence but also serves a broader purpose: to propel the significance of design into the limelight, emphasizing its impact on social, cultural, and economic realms. Our active involvement in this prestigious arena took place within the professional category, showcasing our innovative Invex DAP project, designed to accelerate credit card sales. The remarkable outcome of an 83% sales growth in just three months catapulted us into the coveted first place within the category, a testament to the efficacy and success of our design endeavors.

Raven's CEO Recognized at the Global Leadership Conclave in Dubai

Dubai, September 7, 2023 — Juan Jose de la Torre, CEO of Raven, took center stage at the 11th White Page Leadership Conclave 2023 in Dubai. The event honored him as one of the distinguished 200 Global Inspirational Leaders for 2023. During the conference, he actively participated in the Panel Discussion themed "Reimagining Leadership: The Evolving Role of a Business Leader in Tomorrow's World."

J.J de la Torre's presence at the prestigious Conclave underscored Raven's commitment to excellence and innovation in the business world. The panel discussion offered insights into the dynamic landscape of leadership, exploring the evolving responsibilities of business leaders in shaping the future.

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