How to Disrupt Banking

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We are Raven.

Well Disruption begins here.

Companies today face intense competition, demanding clients, and complex regulations, all within the same industry landscape.

Yet, there's a chance to question the status quo and employ technology to craft ever-evolving value propositions.

JJ de La Torre
CEO de Raven

We are one of the few companies globally solely focused on disruption.

We leverage design, technology, data and creativity to question the status-quo to then CREATE and CAPTURE new Market Value for our clients.

We are business designers and accelerators.

We think to design.
We design to build.
We build to sell.

We are not consultants!

We are business disruptors. From ideas to impact. An end-to-end approach powered by design and enabled by tech and data.

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Customers and employees are won and lost by the quality of your experience, not solely by the promises you made. When we engage and develop our disruption and acceleration, we blend strategy, design and development to craft real interactions that create meaningful business impact based on analytics and powered by digital technologies.

J.J. de la Torre, CEO Raven

Our Maverick

J.J de la Torre

CEO Raven

A native disruptor, JJ has been a start-up founder (3), investor (14) and mentor (+100), combining a unique blend of consulting, corporate and venture skills. JJ is a world reference in digital businesses and transformation, Among his many recognitions, JJ stands as a top 10 digital marketing influencer and Digital Transformation top 18 worldwide.

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We make the impossible, possible.

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