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Accelerating credit card sales in Mexico

Digital Acceleration Program

At Raven, we successfully increased Banco Invex's credit card sales by 880%, elevating its position in the Mexican market from 25th to 6th in credit card issuance in just three years. We achieved a final CPA reduction of -75% compared to the original CPA before the project's initiation.

Creating and launching the Mexico's first NeoBank

Now Bank

INVEX Banco, an institution focused on specialized financial solutions, and Raven, a leader in strategic innovation, shared a bold vision: to disrupt the financial market by designing a new value proposition centered around the Centennial generation. The pandemic served as a catalyst for this strategic collaboration. INVEX and Raven recognized the opportunity not only to enhance the customer experience but also to create and capture unprecedented value. Through a comprehensive market analysis and a deep understanding of people's desires and challenges, the compelling need to completely redefine the personal banking industry emerged, with a focus on the dynamic and growing Millennial/Centennial segment in Mexico.

Reinventing Shopping Mall Experience

Parque Arauco

We accompanied Parque Arauco, a relevant player in the retail industry in LATAM, in adopting new ways of working to positively influence the experience of its customers, generating business for the company at a cross-functional level.

Empowering Sales at TELCO: Unleashing the Power of Data


In a disruptive context, Entel sought to elevate customer satisfaction and sales. Faced with the challenge of boosting sales within the existing customer base, the sales team's capacity was maxed out. To address user needs, a project delved into studying and segmenting the Chilean market. A tailored sales funnel was crafted for personalized sales experiences.

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