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We are looking for a User Experience designer to join our team. As a UX designer in Raven, you will work hand in hand with a UI designer to build our client’s customer experience through the creation of innovative, functional, and desirable customer journeys and products (touchpoint by touchpoint), that will lead to brand trust and operational excellence.

You will be a customer ambassador inside the organization, creating customer knowledge by using the available resources to identify their needs, motivations, pain points, and behaviors. Along with a deep understanding of the brand personality, this will be your base to create an enjoyable customer experience they will want to return to constantly and promote among others. You will do so with agile work methodologies, structured design, and with a permanent focus on business growth and innovation. You will live at the intersection of design, data, business, operations, technology, and art, and we expect that you will not only nurture these disciplines, but excel in them.


    As a UX Designer, you will take part in the company development on multiple topics and missions, such as:

    • Co lead the obtainment and promotion of customer knowledge by being responsible for the research phase of the design process.
    • Work with Product Owner (PO) to identify research questions to gather in-depth insights into the user’s needs, motivations, behavior, and attitudes.
    • Collaborate with PO, Product & Experience Strategist (PXS), Marketing, and Sales to understand, define and refine user personas.
    • Work with PO  and PS to understand, define and refine market trends and benchmarks.
    • Work with PO and UI in the understanding of business goals and requirements with PO, business, legal and technology stakeholders.
    • Responsible for the information architecture assessment and design of the whole experience journey, as well as the structure of each touchpoint (page, screen).
    • Responsible for the overall navigation of the experience/sites/app, making sure that the user’s journey is logical, as well as keeping its mapping up to date.
    • Co responsible with PO & PXS to improve the conversion, adoption, and retention of customers by the co definition of metrics as well as the daily follow up and proposal for solutions.
    • Work with Marketing/ Brand and UI Designer to ensure the synergy of the experience/product with the brand.
    • Model workflows and plan tasks for UX design.
    • Responsible for designing engaging experiences and product solutions and low and high-definition prototypes making sure user interfaces are usable and intuitive, together with the UI Designer.
    • Communicate design ideas and prototypes to business and  developers, working hand in hand together to confirm the design is technically and operationally viable within the established timeline.
    • Responsible for planning, coordinating and running user tests to inform design decisions.
    Profile Requirements
    • Proven UX design and development experience of at least
    • Experience in designing, prototyping,  and creating mobile apps, mobile first platforms, web, and hybrid applications.
    • Solid experience creating storyboards, user flows, process flows, and site maps.
    • Experience in qualitative and quantitative research with solid knowledge of different techniques for observation, understanding, and analysis methodologies.
    • Experience on  user-centered design and interaction design principles, and best practices.
    • In-depth knowledge of different design processes, such as Design Thinking and Design Sprint.
    • Being familiar with the SCRUM and agile frameworks.
    • Familiar with working with brand guidelines.
    • Proven data driven experience and A/B testing.
    • Experience  with tools such as, MS Power Point, MS Excel, Google Analytics, Power BI, Jira.
    • Experience with prototyping and design software as well as user research tools (Figma, Sketch, Adobe Creative Suite, Loom, Maze).
    • Notion of motion design, dynamic prototyping, and micro-interactions.
    • Experience with user investigation, accessibility principles.,
    • Knowledge in layout and design,  wireframe creation and design systems.
    • Fluent in Spanish and English, capability to work in this language at an oral and written level.

    Bonus Points:

    • Notion of UX Writing.
    • Notion of ResearchOps / DesignOps
    • Notion of HTML5, CSS, and Javascript.
    • Notion of designing and building omnichannel experiences.
      Skills / Experience
      • Strong empathy for the user.
      • Easily navigate between analysis and solution with your strong creative thinking.
      • Excellent listening and communication skills to work with a multidisciplinary team of diverse backgrounds.
      • Adaptable to working in highly changing environments with different projects at the same time.
      • Ability to collaborate with different teams (business, marketing & communication, sales, technology, legal, operations, customer service, finance)..
      • Strong attention to detail.
      • Ability to work independently in an autonomous environment.
      • Curious and adaptable to new technologies and keep industry knowledge current.
      • Proactivity and willingness to provide new initiatives.

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