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The job

We are looking for someone who thinks in a user centric way. Someone capable of daring the way things are done,  of moving organizations to transform to new business models that make sense for the current customer behaviour. We are looking for someone who is flexible enough to adapt to different roles, clients and industries.  We are looking for a person who can talk to clients, understand them as well as the final users and be able to  deliver real disruption for both of them.


    As a Experience & Product Designer, you will take part in the company development on multiple topics and missions,  such as:

    • Identify the objectives and needs of both users and our clients and propose innovative ways to address them.
    • Being an ambassador for design-based approaches, both internally and to clients.
    • Design and facilitate interdisciplinary workshops to identify the main areas of opportunity, devise solutions and  make strategic decisions about the vision and evolution of a product/service.
    • Carry out user studies from the collection of information (creation of user personas, empathy maps, customer  journey, etc.), to the execution of the product/service.
    • Collaborate with product management to establish service design as a central element in product strategy and  prioritization.
    • Lead and document design thinking and design sprint workshops with clients and stakeholders.
    • Support teams in developing practices and rituals to design user-centered services and elevate our systems  thinking.
    • Promote the development of the Raven culture through internal activities to promote business growth and  common team learning.
    Profile Requirements
    • Love teamwork and contribute with your interests to the internal culture of Raven.
    • Management of tools such as Figma and XD.
    • Very good analysis skills, problem solving and attention to detail.
    • Be proactive and self-managed. We hate micromanagement.
    • Dare with crazy ideas.
    • Good interpersonal skills and ability to communicate effectively with all stakeholders and disciplines.
    • Flexibility to adapt to customer needs, to different industries and types of projects.
    • Be able to travel to other countries in case our projects need it.
      Skills / Experience
      • Experience working as a strategic designer, service designer or business designer.
      • Experience in research tools and survey of opportunities.
      • Experience creating mid-fidelity prototypes.
      • Experience developing usability tests and proof of concepts.  
      • Experience working with design methodologies (Design Thinking, Design Sprint) and Agile.
      • Technical aptitude.
      • Critical thinking abilities.
      • Adaptability.
      • Ability to solve problems creatively and effectively.
      • Fluent in English, capable of working in this language at an oral and written level.
      • Experience and/or knowledge of the Agile Methods.

        Working days

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        2 years


        Semi senior

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