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Parque Arauco case

We unlock the potential of the organization in the digital era, providing strategic execution of transformation, generating impact at a LATAM level.


We accompany Parque Arauco, a relevant player in the Real Estate industry in LATAM, in adopting new ways of working to positively influence the experience of its customers, generating business for the company at a cross-functional level.


  • Difficulty in defining the organization's focus in terms of initiatives for the upcoming quarters.
  • Having the 1st agile work cell, from which results are expected in 3 months.
  • Having initiated the digital transformation process that was impacting people from different areas of the organization.
  • Enabling internal capabilities in strategic design, product, and agile methodologies.


We execute 4 lines of work focused on business transformation, adopting different methodologies to generate impact at a LATAM level.

The first agile cell was launched, incorporating new ways of working with a multidisciplinary team to deliver constant value to mall tenants, impacting corporate-level OKRs.

We support the Agility CoE and the Transformation Office in defining their roles, responsibilities, and governance in projects to limit scopes, objectives, and work approaches. We employ design methods to prioritize organizational initiatives in order to achieve goals.

Finally, a transformation tribe was created (agent selection, training, and monitoring) to achieve initial impact and engagement in the change process.


Updated handbook with a framework adapted to Parque Arauco.


Initiatives executed in the first quarter by the first work cell.


Globally aligned initiatives presented in Shark Tank.


Assessment of the improvement in understanding the transformation.


People impacted by 27 change agents in the transformation tribe.

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