Oct 11, 2022

We land in Spain!
We are Raven

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After conquering 7 countries around the world, we arrived with a model of disruption and design thinking that promises to ‘shake’ Europe from Madrid 💃🏻.

With more than 45 projects in seven countries since our creation in 2019 and with the result of an average growth in sales over 300% for our clients, among which Santander, Latam, Metlife, Entel, Sabadell, Actinver, Liverpool, among others, we settles in Madrid with a senior team to lead its operations globally.

We born from the need of large companies and high-growth start-ups to have an ally to support them in the processes of disruption and acceleration of technology-enhanced businesses.

We are rocking, and we are happy. During 2022, we experienced 116% growth by consolidating our operations in Mexico and Spain.

“We are one of the few organizations in the world specialized in disruptive value creation and capture. Both from the core business of an organization, as well as leveraging current assets to create new businesses,” says our CEO, JJ De la Torre.

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With our headquarter in Madrid and the launch of a new Hub in this city, we consolidate our growth. In addition to this, Alfonso Cabas has joined Raven as Business Development & Growth Director, Wai Fung assumed the role of Product & Design Director and Daniel Prieto as VP of Business Development & Growth. With the experience of these new talents, who together have more than three decades in the market, Raven seeks to establish a relevant presence in Spain from which to serve the rest of Europe.

“Raven is going to help companies in Europe develop their full business potential, just as we already do in America. Our disruptive methodology, focused on the customer, the product and the value proposition, all supported with cutting-edge digital technologies is a proven guarantee of success,” concluded Alfonso Cabas.

The question is: do you want to be the change or do you want change to force you? Spain, your wingman is here to guide you on the road to disruption.

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